Friday, April 20, 2012

I miss this blog

Hi there!! I am still somewhere here around.... just perhaps not on this blog.. but I have to admit I miss the posts and my blog here. It's been a really interesting journey here, to be inspirational-guide, until I decided to move my blog and create a new one. However it's nice to see that the blog is still read be people who stop by here. So thank you for that.


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Sunday, June 26, 2011

I moved - New Blogger Page

I created a new blog. I do like this one a lot and I wrote a lot in the past few years but I'm looking for a new fresh start, a new site where I'll concentrate about my hearing, poetry and other things. I will still leave this blog active but I won't update it so often ..

Here's my new link!


If you want to make sure you don't miss anything, then go to my public facebook page

Or on ccor under "mytruestory85" and you will find me

Poetry Girl



My first local poetry reading in Salzburg - Austria

Hey Hey, I am back!!! Back with lots of exciting things to share! :) I'll start first by telling you that I'll have my first public poetry reading at a local bookstore here in Salzburg - Austria, July 1st :)))

Wohooo :)) I look forward to this. I 'll recite some of my poems from "Poetry Pieces of Europe" where some of my poems are featured, along with another poet Primrose Dzenga, who wrote "Destiny In My Hands". The motto of that event is "Independence and Freedom" like independence has many faces. You know that I am hearing impaired, or was, at present I have a CI and for me "to be independent" has a different meaning as for the general public. I have my own story to tell to explain this. So I will recite some of my poems about myself and my "hearing" experience.

This should be an exciting event and I'll see many of my local friends who will come that evening. And.. as those poems are all about my ear, I wrote a poem just for this occasion "Independence and Freedom" as I need an opening to my own presentation. I'll use that poem as opening so I can't write it here, it should be a surprise until that day. So I can't write anything here. I'm trying to find someone who will record me and the other poet so I can post some clips afterwards on yt and my page. Would be great.

My own debut, my own poetry book will soon get published, it's already it its final stage so details will come very soon :))

Anyhow to make it short I am really excited :D

More updates are coming... ➜ next blog will be about my vacation in Italy!

Sandra (PoetryGirl)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some poetry videos on CCOR

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I posted anything... I'll catch up soon and I want to catch up on my recent posts to let you know what's going on. I'll keep posting every day or every second some of my posts from ccor, if you haven't checked them out,.. of if you're new and just discovered my site :)

Here are some poetry videos that I have uploaded once on ccor. It's been a while since I've made new poetry videos and some I have deleted...

but I hope you'll enjoy them! :)



Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 3, s8 ❘ Can you hear what I hear? + MY INTENTIONS

Hello everyone!!!

This is my day 3 of my season 8! Last night I was listening to some videos and later to music and I'd like to share with you how I do that when I listen to something on the computer... I have to plug in this little cable behind my speech processor then I can hear the sound in my head. I can hear background noise too e.g. when someone is talking to me and music at the same time. I can do it both, which people with a healthy ear can't do it. As when you have ear plugs you can't hear other people talking unless you have an ear plug just in ONE ear ONLY :) so I benefit in a way from the CI. It allows me to do that :))

It is a bit inconvenient at some point but it works well with me. Only when I have to move away from my computer I don't unplug the whole thing but just the other end which I plug to my computer and the whole "wire" that is still stuck to my processor I just put around my neck, so I don't always have to plug and unplug (if I have eto just move quickly away from my computer). This sometimes looks very funny especially when my parents didn't know what that was at first.

It's my day 3 and so far things are going well. Today I probably won't post a video. Don't really feel like in the mood lol so I'll post my goals here!

MY GOALS for the next 100 DAYS are the FOLLOWING:

  • To read more poetry on the net, in books, everywhere (If I don't read poetry, then I can't expect to write some..) 
  • To write another let's say 70 new poems in the next few months and keep writing on a regular basis (I set the amount much lower than last time because I feel very exhausted after writing more more than 21 months... it's getting tougher and tougher to get inspired..) ☺✍
  • To make backups of my writing regularly (BIG REMINDER or I'll be screwed up)
  • To make regular videos for the challenge (also mix it with blogs)
  • To become a known poet (and inspire, motivate & give strength to other people especially to those who also have a cochlear implant, who are struggling with their new hearing. To give them hope that things do get better. It's not always the case but if you believe then it will!)
  • To have my poems translated in Croatian (my mother language)
  • To have my book in local libraries
  • To have poetry readings and book signing
  • To develop interesting projects with Cochlear, Alexander Graham Bell Association and with Hansaton (I'm not sure in what terms but I want to leave that open)
  • To set a time to write (journal and poems) and stick to it every day
  • To keep handwritten notes (I have to say this because I have to remind myself of that)
If I come up with some more then I'll let you know! I love my new intentions, they are exciting and I believe that this year will be really interesting! I feel really good now that I wrote down my intentions, I can clearly see them happening. When the time is right it will happen. If not this season then in the next, or the one after the next and so on!

So thank you for reading! I'm ready for another wonderful season!!



Link to the BOOK:

Stop by and visit me at:


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My short biography - Poetry Pieces Of Europe Vol.1

Hello everyone!!

As promised here's a photo of my biography inside the book. I haven't taken a proper picture on that day when I got it so today I want to share this with you!

Isn't that great? :)) Were it not the "100 Day Challenge" were it not some of my friends I wouldn't be here. Maybe it was destiny, or maybe this is how life unfolded in any case I'm glad how things turned out, even if they weren't always happy. Maybe I needed to have those challenges to get these feelings out of me, maybe that is why I write them down in these poems. I don't know it but I feel blessed that I was able to share this in the poems and share these feelings and the experience.

It all somehow happened for a reason, right at the right place and time. That probably wasn't a coincidence but it maybe felt as "the right time/moment". I could have had my surgery two years ago but I didn't feel ready for it and this year I did and made a huge soaring success with my hearing. I started to hear immediately and over the course of a month my hearing improved, the sound improved a lot and I could understand slowly each day more and more. I didn't even notice how fast this has actually happened!! Too fast if you ask me :)

There are 5 poets inside the book, +  myself!

There's more. The finalists including myself, will be the judge for the 2011 poetry competition :))

I'll write more soon! Hopefully still this year ;) if now let me wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!

Link to the BOOK:

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Link to my blogger-fanpage on Facebook
Link to my blogging website
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Inside the book - Poetry Pieces Of Europe

Here's another update!! Hello everyone!!

I should have taken a proper picture of the whole page but that was taken randomly and totally spontaneous. Let me see, I must try to take a proper picture of the whole page as there's a bit more than this. I will do this in the next few days. I'm too tired now. I'm supposed to be in bed ... (O_o) but that is usually the time when I can write without being interrupted ... 

Isn't that cool, to be featured there? I wouldn't be here where I am now without you all :) You know that, don't you?? :)) so THANK YOU!!

I have to make this post short sorry... it's late here (O_o)zzz

Link to the BOOK:

Stop by and visit me at:

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some of my poems are featured in "Poetry Pieces Of Europe"

WOHOOOOO I'm or I was well I still AM EXCITED :)))

Hi everyone!!!

Here's my update, as promised. I promise more will exciting news will come soon!

Yesterday I got the book in my mail box. It was when I came home from hospital. I had a mapping and my audiologist  made a few slight changes with my settings and I had this hearing test before I went home. Outside our door, I met my father who told me that my book has arrived and I was so excited that I couldn't wait to open the packet. :) This is also when I opened it and made that video which you saw *lol* I'm sorry I was too hyper.

Here's again this video. I'll post soon an excerpt of the page where I'm featured. I wouldn't be here where I am without you all and the 100 Day Challenge!!  

I'm also working on my own book which will come out next year! :) This is fabulous to see how this year has unfolded and I wonder what next year will bring!

I think it's time to update my vision board. My friend Sanya, once sent me a book "Crafting your magical life" and there's a picture of a vision board. I think I have to work on mine or at least set new intentions for the next year :) I plan to make a new season, season 8 next year starting January 1st.

Thanks for reading! I'll write more soon! 

Stop by and visit me at:

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Update on poetry

Posted Dec 20, 2010

Hello!! I think I'm done with my challenge wow, time flies away. I'm sorry that I haven't posted regularly. I wanted to give you a short update on some things. I'm working regularly on my poems and it is going really well. I hope I will keep that good flow.

I'm close to have 500 written wow after almost 1.5 years that is AMAZING! I didn't sleep well last night. I feel extremely tired...  This whole week as like that. I don't know why... Today I woke up at 5 AM (O_o) wow. I'm definitely not a morning person...

Anyway, I plan to make another 100 day challenge, i.e. season 8 yeah =) next year 1/1/11.

My goals will be the same but there will be a few slight changes, which I'll let you know soon. After writing so much I wonder what next year will bring, what inspiration will it bring next year :O? This is exciting! I'll keep this blog very short. I'm not sure if anyone is reading, but if you do - thank you!

I have a new video which I made yesterday but I haven't uploaded it yet. I will do it soon and let you know. THANKS :)

Happy Manifesting!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

I was frustrated .... now I feel sort of ok

December 14, 2010

I'm so frustrated.... I didn't want this blog to be negative but I'm so filled with negativity... I wrote this post thismorning but I had some problems with my computer and had to restart my computer... so I lost the blog because I didn't save it as a draft damn it .. so many things are going wrong this week... that everything makes me angry!!! I need to let out of this anger steam inside me! Not sure how... I'll try it.

Apart from that what is going on? hm. I'm running a bit late with sending Christmas cards to relatives and friends.. but there's time. I still have a bit more than a week before Christmas. Some will receive it in time others after New Year :)

December 16, 2010

I'm glad that I didn't post it but now that I have it saved as draft I'll post it nonetheless... it's just a testimony of my feelings and that day I just wasn't feeling well. I still feel weird and awfully tired. My sleep is soooo messed-up that I tend to sleep 4-5 hours daily ... (O_o) Last night I slept very, very little that I already notice the withdrawal symptoms... but I wrote some poems to kill the time and it helped. At least I did something useful with my time,... he's a short blog. I have to finish writing Christmas cards to my family to send it off. They will probably get it after Christmas because the mail will take much longer as it's this time of the year.

Thanks for everyone's support! I really appreciate it from you all!

I plan to make a new season next year, I just haven't set a date but I'm sure some of you might want to do a new too? if yes please let me know! I need to focus on how I want to create my life, the way I want it to be!! :)

Will write soon!

P.s. I'm still excited to get my free copy "Poetry Pieces of Europe" per mail. It should arrive before Christmas if all goes well with the postage :) I'm excited! I'll make a video when I get it wohoo!! :)

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What should I write?? ∆ Too much anger inside me ∆

Post from Dec 13, 2010
I'm not sure what to write anymore and you guys are so silent lately *lol* :) but it's okay, I don't mind. I was silent too LOL :)

I had a tough week and the past few weeks were a bit strange. I mean I am doing well. I found a few man in my life and he is really amazing and our relationship is doing well. I really like him and we seem to get along very well.

However a few things just kept me down in the past few days that I simply don't know what to do to stay positive. There is just so much hate inside me that it's really hard... there's so much hate and pain that it's really hurting me.. It's difficult and complicated.

The good thing from this misery that I think I am in (maybe I'm not) anyhow.. from all this I can write some good dark poetry. It definitely isn't nice but it is poetry and I'm sure some people might find it appealing.. I don't know. At least I still keep writing and it is going somehow. I love to do it. I don't see it as a chore. I'm more delighted when I can write. It still makes me say "wow" it's still possible after almost a year still wow.. you know? :) I love it!!

I don't know what next year will bring and how it will turn out but I hope I can write some more. I want to enjoy this creative flow a bit longer and I hope it will last forever :)

Thank you for reading! I'll stop here because I need to get some sleep. I'm supposed to be in the city at 9 AM :)


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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update on writing

Hello friends and visitors!!

I'm finally back in shape to start blogging more. I had to take a break from writing. I was very exhausted after Nanowrimo last month. I didn't even write proper journal entries during the month of November. I did a bit but you know me, I'm an avid journaler yet I haven't managed to write much .. in the past 4 weeks. I did have the desire but I was too tired by the time I wanted to .. lol what a story. I have to use my memory and write about the significant days anything else I have to just leave out. It is important to write every day but when you have a long break in between it's hard to go back to the missing pages.

So what is happening in my life??
Did you know that my youtube friend Megan Castran has birthday Dec 8. I made a video for her. If you want to watch it, you can have a look at the video below.

I made the video early in the morning so I seemed to be a bit sleepy and tired lol.

Yes I still write poetry
Yes I still do it and it's great. I had a few a dark week when I just felt blah... but I keep writing. I don't come up with many ideas as I used to but it's still enough if I write every 3rd day :) I'm happy with that! The poems are also much happier so no more drama. I used to be inspired by my life (my poems dealing with hearing issue, deafness, sign language, my cochlear implant surgery and what it's like to be hearing different). Or I have been inspired by others and their lives & stories that I hear from people such as to things that few people like to talk about such as abuse, death ..

Anthology "Poetry Pieces of Europe" is soon out!
I'm very excited. Soon the book will come out very soon! Remember when I told you about the poetry contest a few months ago? The book will feature people from The Netherlands, Italy, Romania & France. They are really a nice group of poeple sharing different stories in their poetry.

Check out their website to stay in touch! CLICK HERE

More videos on YouTube
I plan to make more videos on YouTube. I remember that I made a lot of videos when I stayed at hospital before and after I received my cochlear implant in my left ear about 4 months ago. Why am I not making videos NOW?? I need to improve that. I just felt that now that I have done it and things improved I didn't feel that there was a need for it. However I want to make a few showing my scar and my speech processor and sharing my hearing experience with out. My hearing improved, the success came to quickly. I can listen to music again. I am glad I don't have to give that up and it is not much different to wear a processor than a hearing aid. Yes I have something sticking to my head but I have already got used to that. I'm quite surprised how positive I am right now as I have been a pure drama queen and worried for the past few months before I agreed to let them do the surgery. I just had my doubts and worries and that was quite human.

Things turned out great! By the way I'll meet with a woman who is thinking of whether or not to get an implant. She's already having a hard time to hear and wants to find out more about the benefits of an implant. She also speaks sign language and I look forward to getting together with her and exchange ideas, our experience as being hard of hearing.

I'll take a break here and write more soon!

Thanks for reading and yes yes I am back :)))

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am back to blogging yeah - nanowrimo is over

I am back.. finally.. well sort off... I still feel very exhausted from all this writing here for 30 days.. People who have not done this madness cannot relate.. they do not know that it can be very tough and that it will cost you lost of energy. I still feel very tired, both mentally and physically. Did you notice? I am writing out each word.. LOL "every word counts" right :P

I am glad it is over although I miss this madness already a bit.. but I do not want to go back.. writing each day is very tough, especially if you miss out a few days.. you are so much behind.. :)

You can see here what my graph looked like during those 30 days. There were days where  I did not write and other days where I was soaring :)) Okay enough of this ... LOL =) Congratulations to everyone who did it. Every one is a winner, everyone who was so courageous to give it a try is a winner!

I still keep writing poetry. It is going well, they are not so depressing anymore. My life has been a bit turned up-side down by someone so I write happy poems, they are different but still you will recognize me in there ;) Remember when I told you about the Anthology "Poetry Pieces of Europe", where some of my poems will be featured in the book and also the poems from the other finalists. This is so exciting. Details will come soon but it will be available for order by the end of next week. WOHOOO =)

Thanks for reading and for still spying on my (joke) I mean for following my journey :P

I'll write more soon. I had some practice with nanowrimo so I should be back here :)

Thanks for your patience!! Miss you all!! Yes I do.


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wanna hear some news?

well you have to be patient because nanowrimo takes all my time and I no energy left to keep this blog up-to-date at least for this month but I'll be back very soon!! :) promised!

I'll hopefully write a longer blog about how my talk today :) I had a talk at university about my cochlear implant experience and I recited a few poems. Thanks to everyone who was there. I really enjoyed it and I hope you too! :)

I'll write more soon .. some time later...

thanks! :)

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Monday, November 1, 2010


It officially started here and I already have my word count for my first day. I am pretty K.O. right now and it's barely 11 pm and I can barely see.... This is my new motivational poster, with my own picture. I made it today and I hope you will enjoy it :)

I downloaded the program scrivener for Mac and I love it omg! I love it!!! First I was confused by the program and thought I should have tried it out before the writing challenge but it's getting better. I figured out that the software can read out your text with a male human voice and it sounds cool. I tried it out!! A version for win. will come out in a few months too :)

I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow's another day, another thousand words to write (O_o) or maybe less but still, ugh :) but don't forget to have fun! You are GOD, you can create a story, blow life into your characters, make them kill if you don't like them but I won't suggest you do it now. You need to stick with them for a while. So enjoy the creative ride!
Keep writing!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Countdown | site unavailable....

It should start in less than 1.5 hours and the site is unavailable due to maintenence ... great *lol* but it's okay. I won't come far anway. I'm too tired and will go to bed and do it tomorrow morning. Today we changed the clock, one hour backwards so it's actually almost midnigt and not almost 11 pm so that's why I'm (-.-)zzz

I have no idea what I'll write this year. It's my third year and this time I'm literally blank. I thought I had an idea but I guess I'll drop it. I tend to change ideas very often every couple of hours today so I doubt that I'll stick with the one that I originally decided to use..

I'll go to bed now. I hope I'll have a good start tomorrow and write ... :)

I need to blog more often but poetry writing is very, I won't say time-consuming but I can't do both and probably after doing nanowrimo and my regular poetry writing I'll have a burn-out by Dec 1 st lol  Yes I still keep writing poetry and it's going well. :)))

Maybe I write a novel of a wanna-be writer who writes poery wow (how creative)

*goodnight* :)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preparation for nanowrimo


First I thought I have a plot and a brilliant idea now I'm not sure about it anymore. Last night I thought I had a good idea but I doubt that I can write 50,000 words about it :O maybe half but not that much... so I'll continue to brood until I find something that I will stick to it :)

I think I'm worn out from all the plotting.. *lol* I think I might start from scratch and write anything and build up that story along the way. I am not sure but all I know that anything is allowed, as long as you keep writing. I could write about different things if I can't make up my mind and then see what I can use in December :)

We'll see it in the end. I'm excited. In less than a week it starts :)))

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Which of these two implants do I have in my head?

Hm, that’s a good question. Maybe I have them both? No that was a joke. I only have one implant in my left ear but as you know by now I had two surgeries so that is why I have those two different serial number for two implants, the first that I got, that somehow made a “tip foldover” and had to be replaced by a new one. There was a time when I wondered which is the one that I have but I figured it out by looking at the registration number, the higher one is the one that I have inside my skull. That one is the new one.

Yes I edited the picture a little bit, even though you know who I am I still prefer to be anonymous :P

Almost three months ago I had my surgery and it somehow seems like yesterday but so many things have already changed. I could hear from the very first day even though the electrode made a tip foldover. I felt that I could hear better with my first implant than with the second which I got a week later. After my second implant I waited two days before I got the processor as I had lots of pain. When we tried it out I could hear but it felt really weird, exactly the way it has to be when the implant is working properly :) I started to hear Mickey Mouse voices, I swear. I still remember how it sounded, how my audiologist sounded, how I sounded. That was just three months ago and I can hear. I could already hear at that time and understand too. We did a hearing test on a CD and I have already scored well and could repeat most of what’s been said. I all the numbers, all the single words only with full sentences I had here and there my problems but it was already a success. My God, I couldn’t believe it as I’ve heard stories about other people and how they struggled and couldn’t manage to get along with their new hearing. For me it was going well, it was a new journey and I was fully open to it. To be honest I enjoyed the journey of new and wicked sounds. I really thought that was funny and it helped me a lot to think in this way as it was easier to accept the recovery process. I adjusted very soon to the sounds and the first week or two was really horrible. I chose to be in silence one week as I didn’t like the sounds, or how the sounds sounded. So I chose to wait a week until the stitches were taken out before I fully embark this new journey. I wanted some silence. Only here and there I was wearing the CI, i.e. when I went out to meet with my friends. My surgeon and my audiologist were all keen to see my progress but I chose to wait. I was very sure that I’d hear as it was proved two days after my second surgery so I stayed in silence for a week. It was going just too fast for me that I wasn’t really prepared for that. Then one week after the stitches have been taken out I started to wear it every day and the journey began.

Today e.g. I am so amazed that I can understand the cartoons on the TV without even looking at the TV. I tried to close my eyes and listen to the TV. I could hear everything. When I don’t pay much attention and get too distracted I don’t hear but when it’s silent I hear everything. In loud environment it’s still hard sometimes but even then I can understand. Even if people are talking silently I can hear. Isn’t that just amazing? When I first got the implant I couldn’t hear a single word of what has been said on the TV and now after almost 3 months I CAN!! WOW!! That went so fast!! :)

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is it possible to write 77 poems in the next 77 days?

I want to give it a try... :) it's not the first time that I did that. I just need a deadline or somthing totally crazy or irrational that will bring me back on track. Quality will not matter much for the next two months. All that should matter is that I keep writing every day one poem. That sounds easy but it's going to be lots of work. I'm sure Nanowrimo will give me the extra push. I wrote a couple of poems during my last year's nanowrimo as the challenge forced me to write something anything and a poem seemed a good distraction from my actual novel!
I might come back to my this year's novel and continue writing it. I started a story this year in February about my acute hearing loss and I want to finish it. I wrote about the struggles I had in those first few months. I could use what I have written so far and just continue and somehow try to finish the story. It's exciting because I've been thinking for some time what I could write this year and I want to finish this story. I don't want it have another unfinished piece... so I want to continue. I'll continue from the point when I go the surgery and the situation afterwards. I'm sure I can crack out some 50,000 words in November :O :) I've done it already 2 times so this will be my third time this year. If not I'll just start something from scratch and try to make a story out of it but to be honest, poetry writing is a lot easier than novel writing :))
Thanks for reading!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Spending some time with my brother | Collecting stamps

Hi there!!

I look forward to spend some time with my brother today and this week week. We haven't spent much together lately and I really miss that. He's 6 and started collecting stamps. He loves that. My dad did the same when he was a child and has a few books full of stamps. This is what made my brother be interested in that hobby. One day I told him that I have a stamp with a bird for him but I left it at work. He reminded me of that, the other day. He has a good memory and I told him that I'll give it to hime the next time.

Some of the letters that the company gets have those stamps on it and before I threw the empty envelopes into the bin, I took the stamps. I haven't asked anyone but since the envelopes goes into the trash and the content inside goes to the staff working there, I don't think anyone would mind. If they do then I'll appologize. See how much I care that I did this? I think he'll love it :)

He knows how to remove the envelop that is stuck to the stamp, just put the stamps in a glass of water and let it soak up the water & and you'll be able to get rid of it =)

This is my father's collections. I think he has more than this :) Isn't that cool? From every country he has a few stamps. I think that's why my brother loves it so much!

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Against the rules | Two same words shouldn't rhyme together...


A little bit of procrastination, a little bit of fear and insecurity but after some time I finally sit down and continued doing it... I still have a lot to do and I still didn't come far but at least I do my part.. I'll have a lot to do in the next few days weeks. Here are some of the poems where I have used two same words in at least one paragraph, in each of those poems and it's against the rule. I am not allowed to use two same words... hm. Can I just ignore the rule? I think that would be the laziest way... ! I hope I can work this out because I'd love to have those poems in the collection, they tell the story of the struggle, the insecurity and my experience along the way.. of how I got my surgery. I don't want to leave out those poems just because I used two same words.
I hope you can read it. :) My hand-writing isn't the best when but I can write in a beautiful way too. I hope I can finish my poems this month! I really hope so. I must make a schedule and set my clock for this, so that I get glued to my chair - for at least an hour each day!! :)

Today for many reasons I felt insecure, a bit scared and I don't need to explain why, you'll figure it out! :) I watched Elizabeth Gilbert's video on TED talk about "nurturing creativity". I love her video, she's a great talker and her video was inspiring. When I feel stuck I watch this video and it usually helps me.

Oh God,... that slows down the whole writing process.... I have so many poems that I have to revise ugh *lol* that's just so depressing. I need a drink! :) I wasn't aware of that when I wrote the poems but I think that's okay, otherwise I would have got stuck. So it was good that I didn't focus on it so much. NOW it's the time to edit them. :) phew....
Okay Sandra, stop it!! Stop all this negative thinking!!! *taking a deep breath* All will work out. I'll find the answer and will fix it! Okay, now that I said it, it's time to do some work. I have started but then I started writing blog. I realized it was more fun to do that first then go back. I found another poem with two words that rhyme (-.-) *rolling my eyes* :D
Alright! It's time to continue! See you later!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I set out the intention

I just have to share this with you :)

I had this document for a few weeks but didn't bother to have a look what it was.. until today.. I kept this document for almost a month. Today I wanted to know what it was so I don't always have to click "to see it later" you know this other button ... this is what I saw. Those were my notes that I took 25th of Sept. :) about how I'd love to write a poem about Greame and just two days later I wrote one wow!!! how did that happen, that is why this made me smile. I set out the intention. So I guess I just need to write about what I'd like to write and eventually it will happen :) okay, now I really need to go to bed. I thought of writing another blog but I'm not sure about it anymore.. g'night!!


I wish I could write poetry

ah that was good. I wish I could write poetry. I can write all I have to do is just to write, right? I haven't had the time to do some writing. I did but I was procrastinating on some social media sites so I wasn't really productive, I haven't even written into my journal nor have I been reading... so I can't really expect to be creative. I have to fill my mind with words (food for thought) then I can maybe write. Or it's just a sign that I need a break to get new ideas. I don't feel compelled to write about my ear and I already have a considerable amount of poems about my ear. I'm so proud of them. I really wished to write more about my ear and somehow I did it. :)

Alright that's a short blog for today.. altough it's barely 10.16 PM I am very tired and might drop dead on my bed very soon, so I'll end it here.

Thanks for reading


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Password List

Hi there!!

Yeah another blog ... :) yeah I just feel like sharing with you enjoy this while I'm in a good mood! :P

I created a simple list where I can keep track of all the sites where I have an account. I included for you only the link (as a demostration) you have to fill out the username and password of course ;) I like the idea, it's simple and you can keep track of all the sites. I can't believe how many accounts I actually have wow ... (O_o) too many *lol* the good thing is now I don't have to worry to forget the pw :)

Btw, I can't believe that I spelled "password" wrong (-.-) I didn't even notice it until now *lol* but the good thing it takes only seconds to go to "search" and "replace" it by another word. Please feel free to use it. This can be quite useful!
I urge you to make a similar one! You'd be glad you did it, trust me :) I have a few more things to share, sth regarding poetry readings and stuff. More will come hopefully tonight. I already feel very tired... we'll see!

Thanks for keeping in touch with me!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Poetry collection soon to be published


The site of the publishing company is fixed again and is working. It was shut down due to some unexpected events but it's working again. Wow I didn't expect it to so go fast. I was very down when I heard it was shut down and expected it to take longer until it would work again. :)

Here's the book title and the book of the poetry collection from the finalists! More info will come very soon. Check out the link below for more information! It will come out very soon :O

For more info CLICK HERE

Isn't that amazing?? :O In this book you'll find 14 poems from each of the finalists that participated in the contest. I look forward to reading their poems! WOW people!!!! :O That's just so amazing!!! aaahhh some of my toughts are going to be in print :O This makes me speechless because last year I if someone told me this wouldn't believe it :)

Awww, that's beautiful! I can't believe what I manifested!! I still keep writing. It's so much fun. I don't always come up with a poem but when I do it's lots of fun. I've been writing very dark poetry lately. I guess it's time for some spooky Halloween poems :P

Alright I'll end this blog here. It's quite late!
Thanks for reading!! :)


A poem about friendship | Bookmarked

A Short Friendship Poem

New Friends and Old Friends
Poet: Joseph Parry

Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
New-made friendships, like new wine,
Age will mellow and refine.

Friendships that have stood the test -
Time and change - are surely best;
Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray,
Friendship never knows decay.

For 'mid old friends, tried and true,
Once more we our youth renew.
But old friends, alas! may die,
New friends must their place supply.

Cherish friendship in your breast -
New is good, but old is best;
Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.


This short friendship poem was written by Joseph Parry, (1841-1903). His words in this inspirational poem regarding friendships still hold true today.

For more info please visit this site => CLICK HERE

and here are some poetry quotes which I like! Maybe you find something that you like too. I thought too bookmark this site as the quotes are really great! CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading and checking it out =)


You can never have enough of backup files

Hellouuuu!!! :)

Time for another blog. I'm very tired .... (-.-) but as usually I'll go to bed around midnight or later ... (-.-) zz. I'll try to make it short for anyone who wants to read it. My updates e.g. on Fb are usually short so for those of you who want to keep in touch with me and my "crazy!" life :) you can follow me here as here I can write more and I'll try to post regularly. I need to get into this habit of blogging again.

Today I got my little portable hard drive. I ordered it a week ago and it arrived today at work or maybe it arrived last week I'm not sure.. I've been sick for a few days so I wasn't at work and didn't see it earlier. Why am I sharing this with you because this thing is soo cool and it's little and has sooo much space inside 640GB :O. This one matches perfectly with my MacBook. I only hope I can use it for this one as it says it works only with Windows, let's see. I think this doesn't matter, it's like a USB it works with Win & Mac :)) I just want to have another external hard drive to back-up all my pictures, videos & important documents. Even a hard drive can fail one day and not work anymore. I already have one which I bought a few years ago maybe 6 yrs go or so.. but a bigger one than this white here. I want to be on the safer side and have another back up of all my files and this one I can carry everywhere. It's tiny and light.

I think I'm just scared to e.g. lose my poetry my precious pictures. I have so many pictures from the past 10 years (O_o) wow.... which I still haven't developed as real pictures so I want to have them saved for when the day comes when I'll order the pictures in bulk :))

I have some good news to share but as always I want to keep this separate so I'll write more in the next one. My day started really good today.... I was caught in the bus with no ticket, ah yeah I've been stupid... I had my ticked with me just forgo to put it into that machine "click" damn it.... then I saw them and overlooked the date when I'll need a new ticket... a shit... and I had to pay some 60€ in cash and because of that I was running late ... and arrive about half an hour later at work (-.-) &%$%& (O_o)! I told my manager that I'll come a bit later and told him why, since I have this new phone I can write emails and sent him a mail. I appologized for running late and that I really feel sorry for that. I didn't wish this week to turn out so different and that was anything else than a good start. He wrote back saying "well there's nothing we can do....." sounded like you can't do anything... shit happens.. :)

Otherwise my day was okay, I was too busy doing the paper work upstairs, helping my colleague wtih sorting out papers making it ready for the next step, putting into files etc.. for the accounting procedure. The phone was ringing as usually. I tried to make a good impression and just tried it with every call. It works, it does, though I still missunderstand a lot but thanks to the online address book I can look up the number and most of the time I'm lucky and the number is listed online so I can check who called.

Thanks for reading!! :)


Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hi there! I thought I'd write about poetry but somehow I feel I have to write about this... strange *lol* hm, alright,... :)

I must say, that I haven't been journaling for a while. When I wanted to, I was too tired, this is also why I didn't write many poems. I usually come up with ideas once I've done some pre-writing (i.e. journaling). I see this as exercise and also for personal growth. If I don't write regularly I can't expect to write a poem. I need to practice every day. I need a better schedule. Maybe 10 mintues during the week would be enough and over the weekend I can have a longer writing session. I came up with a few more poems in the past two days. I'll write more about it in the blog.

I love this phrase above about journaling. I found it on a website about journaling. I like the phrase. I am an avid journaler and I think I'll definitely share it with family and a few close friends when the time is right. I already started doing it a bit and when I feel "okay now share them all" I might do it. :)
I do write for myself but it would be a shame if those stories never get shared, so I'll definitely share them one day.

That was a strange blog *lol* maybe I should write about poetry instead :)
Thanks for reading!!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Am doing much better


Today I'm doing a bit better. My sleep was much better than yesterday but my nose and my lips are all sore *lol* but otherwise I'm fine. I spent the day at home. I just didn't feel to go anywhere but I'll go out for a short walk today. Those nose drops are really gross and I get watery eyes from it and they leave stains on a tissue but that's okay, they help :)

Wow that must be really an intersting blog about my cold wow... Sandra, you're so creative... (-.-) hm. If you don't want to read it go to another page, why are you still here??! :)) I'll make another blog about poetry. I just thought to keep this separate as this has nothing to do with poetry ;) I have no new poetry. I don't feel in the shape to write some but I was hit by some inspiration only that I didn't take notes so the idea is already lost... hm. Next time!!! I'll probably go outside in the evening. I just look too horrible so I don't really fancy to bump into someone familiar today *lol* :)

Alright, my next blog will be about some poetry I came across on the net and I want to bookmark them so I'll write them here so I can always find them later. AND! Guess what I might start another season tomrorow, why? I feel it's the right time to start and I have a few fellow cocreators who will start tomorrow, so will YOU join me too?? I have lost track in which season I already am but I need to check that. So I might see you tomorrow =))

Thanks for reading!!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inspirational-Guide has a cold

Yes, I have a cold... it's not a bad one, I experienced worse things than this but I didn't feel well last night... I head headache and a running nose yesterday at work it was anything else than pleasant. I had lots of phone calls that day. As soon as I hung up the phone it was rining again... and it went on like this the whole day. I tried to see it positive and tried to smile as it was funny. I just hang up phone and wanted to get myself something to drink when it started ringing ... hm. There were times I was tying the data into the computer, of what the caller told me and I was busy doing this as I had a few notes from 3-4 callers and didn't want to interrup my writing when it was ringing again... I ignored the ringing and hoped that someone else would pick up the phone but no one did then I heard a comment from one of my co workers in the hallway, "Sandra, the phone" .... yes okay... wait!!! (-.-) I felt really horrible, not just because of that but because of my cold too... I couldn't wait until it was time to go home, I couldn't wait to go into my bed...

So on my way home, I was freezing. I mean it was cold but not THAT cold however I felt like I like we had ice age...I liked like I had an uncontrollable shaking. I just couldn't calm down. I guesss I had a bit of fever. . . I tried to imagine some sunshine, warm weather just to calm my body down but it was useless... when I was at home I immediately curled up under my blanket, I still had my pullover on but felt cold (O_o)? hm... it took me a few hours until I shopped shivering..
I felt a bit bad that I have to stay at home whereas there's so much to do at work and when I'll be missing, someone else has to do the job that I do, and yes I do care although it doesn't always seem like this. It's already hard now but when I won't be in the office for 3 days hm... I'm not sure what they will think but I'll think of only the best.
well then, so you know in detail about that day *lol* so the next day (today) I went to my doctor and she prescribed me something and told me to stay at least 3 days at home. So here I am writing this down. I will go earlier to bed tonight (that was good *earlier*) yes... usually I got a bit later to bed ;) will read a bit and then go to bed.

I'm fine today. My nose is red and sore, my eyes are sore too sort of, my ears and throat feel itchy but I'm okay *lol*


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Books about writing!

Hello my dear readers!!

I thought to write about something else today so I can distract myself from the decision that I have to make ... Yep, I was drinking today but this was a cherry liquor which tastes sooo good :) Here are some of the books that I don't want to miss. Some I bought a few years ago, others I got from friends. I put them here so I can always look up something if I need!
I'm not really sure what to write about today... but I felt like writing. I'm still writing poetry yes I do but it's tough at the moment. I only manage to write it at my own expense, in terms of I don't know, my current situation. I'll share one or two with you! Let me know what you think about. Today I was a real couch potato, I didn't feel like going out but I did in the afternoon.
However I know what I'm going to do even if some of you don't agree with this. I feel quite good with the choice. I only hope that others will see that too! I guess that's the blog. Short! *lol* sorry will try to write more in the upcoming days or tomorrow, you never know! :)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

I feel stuck but I'm sure that it's only temporary :))

Hellouuuu my dear readers ;))

Where do I begin? What do I write? I'm enjoying this weekend and next week I'm on vacation so I look forward to write some poetry. I hope I can get inspired to write some prose. I have a bit of doubts ... but we'll see. I just have to keep going.
I really do want to make my living with poetry:
  • share my poetry with the world
  • inspire other people with poery
  • open up a new area in poetry (poems about hearing, deafness, sign language, etc.)
  • give poetry readings (here and abroad)
  • meet my readers
  • meet my cocreators ;)
  • travel around the world and inspire and share
  • write more and publish a few books
Why not? I know I do already have a job and it's going but you know, I'd love to do that but I'm also grateful for my current job except that I don't really give the impression that I am. I mean I am really lucky to have so wonderful work colleagues but somehow deep inside my heart, I am longing to have my independet live, to be my own boss, to make my dream come true BUT, I mean I am sure and I do believe that it can happen, I only hope that my work mates will understand that, if I ever happen to make it come true.

p.s. that was my hand when I was at hospital some time in March, when I had my 2nd hearing loss .. :)

I only need a few more poems until I reached the 400 mark, isn't that great?? Yeah I know it's not about quantity but I cannot help myself. I get addicted to poetry writing the more I write :)) and yes I am a prolific poetry writer!! I made it a routine to try to write every day and most of the time it works.. :) hm .. let's see. At the moment I feel stuck. I think I was working hard on writing poetry about hearing and this things that I don't feel inspired at the moment... hm... let's see if I cannot write about that, why not trying out something else, friendship? children?

by the way, I forgot to share. Remember when I told you that there was this poetry contest?? Remember? I'm not sure if I already have told you but if not I'll tell you now. I made it to the third place of the peotry contest and a poetry collection with some poems from each of the participants will come out in November!! YEAH awesome. I'm going to see some of my poems in PRINT!!! :O WOW!! I cannot believe that this is really possible and that it's going to happen. My God, I've been writing poetry for a bit more than a year. I started end of April 2009, but officially May 1st when I made it a goal for the 100 day challenge! WOW people so much has changed since then SO MUCH!!! I really love poetry and cannot imagine not to write anymore. I keep reading poetry everywhere, on the net, from poetry books, everywhere and try to write myself some. I came so far, wow I'm so speechless that I crossed my hands when I had that thought.

What is more unusual is that I've been writing in English, which is not my mother language at all but somehow I feel I can express myself better in that langauge and the English language is so rich in words that I can always find a word to express my feelings in a poem.

I love poetry!!! I also love the fact that some people already asked me for help with their poetry & non-poetry writing projects, imagine that. I don't even feel like I'm skilled *lol* that I can give them professional help but I love the fact that they want MY help or my OPINION! that's sweet and I'll do my best to help them :))) I don't really feel that I'm an expert in my field but it makes me happy! I'm just me, not much different than you! :)))

Anyway, I'll end this blog here. It's already long... sorry I had so much to write :) I might write some more tonight :) Let's see if I can get a poem tonight!

C'mon Sandra, you can do it, just believe and get inspired!!

Thanks for reading! (leave me some comments if you want and I'm sorry for any typos, .. will check it later, I don't have much time to do that right now) :)

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Poetry | Rhymes | & Books :)))

Hellouuuu! Alright it's very late already... but I want to share with you a few things ...

A friend of mine from ccor sent me this book a few days ago. Isn't that sweet of her?? :)) Inside the letter found letter from her. Awee she was so sweet! I just have to share that because it was kind. She ordered the book twice by mistake and asked who wants to have it, she'll sent it and I was the first who responded and she sent it to me. Isn't that amazing how the ccor friendship has grown so close. I mean we are a big but yet a little group of people and I've met some amazing people there. So I'd like to say thank you to Lilou, Laura and Sandy for this group!! It's more then two years since I've joined this online community yeah wow, so much has changed since then :))
and I found this one too in my inbox.. so I am reading two books at the same time, so funny *lol* but it's good! btw, I'll get two more books next weekend so I'll be busy reading! :) that's good! I need to distract my mind and just find something that will keep my mind focused. It's been 3 days since I wrote my last poem, yeah a very long time I know *lol* shhh... ;) I'm used to write every day so I felt really strange. I began to have doubts and thought okay, what if my writing "career" comes to an end?? what then? but then I started flipping though the pages of this book and read that he writes about different things, so if i do not feel inspired to write about my hearing then it's time to move on to another topic... so in the end I was inspired to write that poem that you've heard at the begining. "what more can I give" =)

This evening I was reading my brother this story in German, it's a Christmas story so not really suitable for this time of the year but he wanted me to read this one and I liked it too. I like that the story is all in rhymes from A-Z. =) At least by now you should know that I love poetry =) in English just like in German. I still wonder why I don't write German poetry, somehow I like more to write in English and I feel the English language is rich in words, you can always find a word to rhyme with what you want to say or to express. So I think I'll stick with that language for a while :)))

I hope you enjoyed reading this. It's time to go to bed... This was my compensation for not writing regularly :) will try to write more next week. There's a lot more but I think it's enough now ;) Thanks for reading!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Poetry contest | result: 3rd place =)))

yeah!! I'm so fuckin tired... :) but I wanted to let you know that I got to know the results form the contest!! If I don't write today, I doubt I'll do it tomorrow. I'll keep it short. Today I heard on fb that I am one of the 7 runner-ups :)) not bad!! I'm so proud of what I have achieved!! See why I didn't tell thís anyone when I first started writing poetry? I wanted to do it in secret, writing is a private act, after all! it's not something that you can share with everyone! However if I hadn't done that challenge season 3 I think or 4 I am not sure, I lost track :) I wouln't be here. You all have helped me to get there by giving me encouragement. I started to do it as a hobby first and I liked it a lot. Somehow all this fell into place!! :O I always knew that I wanted to write a book but I didn't know that this would be a "poetry book" :))
I'll try not to get too excited and spoiled I must work hard and keep that pace and keep going. I'm not done yet. I still got to write a lot :) I just don't feel ispired to write today and I feel I already wrote too much about my hearing issue that it must be really boring to always read poems that always rhyme with the same words "sound", "around", "deaf-profound" wow can I be a bit more creative? hm, maybe it's time to choose another topic but I must write a few more positive poems about that, as the past few that I wrote were not so happy .... (-.-) I don't want those poems to be the last... :) Let's see what the next few days will bring!
so that was my "short" blog post for day. Must go to bed very soon. It's already midnight (-.-) and I didn't even write another poem.. *lol* I know, a break is good too, I don't need to exaggerate it but even if the poem isn't always happy it makes me happy when I can write it all down. ok i must go now, .... until tomorrow =)
Thanks for reading!
pls excuse me if you spotted some typos here or in my past few posts, I'm very tired right now but I'll check it over the weekend :)