Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is it possible to write 77 poems in the next 77 days?

I want to give it a try... :) it's not the first time that I did that. I just need a deadline or somthing totally crazy or irrational that will bring me back on track. Quality will not matter much for the next two months. All that should matter is that I keep writing every day one poem. That sounds easy but it's going to be lots of work. I'm sure Nanowrimo will give me the extra push. I wrote a couple of poems during my last year's nanowrimo as the challenge forced me to write something anything and a poem seemed a good distraction from my actual novel!
I might come back to my this year's novel and continue writing it. I started a story this year in February about my acute hearing loss and I want to finish it. I wrote about the struggles I had in those first few months. I could use what I have written so far and just continue and somehow try to finish the story. It's exciting because I've been thinking for some time what I could write this year and I want to finish this story. I don't want it have another unfinished piece... so I want to continue. I'll continue from the point when I go the surgery and the situation afterwards. I'm sure I can crack out some 50,000 words in November :O :) I've done it already 2 times so this will be my third time this year. If not I'll just start something from scratch and try to make a story out of it but to be honest, poetry writing is a lot easier than novel writing :))
Thanks for reading!

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