Friday, December 17, 2010

I was frustrated .... now I feel sort of ok

December 14, 2010

I'm so frustrated.... I didn't want this blog to be negative but I'm so filled with negativity... I wrote this post thismorning but I had some problems with my computer and had to restart my computer... so I lost the blog because I didn't save it as a draft damn it .. so many things are going wrong this week... that everything makes me angry!!! I need to let out of this anger steam inside me! Not sure how... I'll try it.

Apart from that what is going on? hm. I'm running a bit late with sending Christmas cards to relatives and friends.. but there's time. I still have a bit more than a week before Christmas. Some will receive it in time others after New Year :)

December 16, 2010

I'm glad that I didn't post it but now that I have it saved as draft I'll post it nonetheless... it's just a testimony of my feelings and that day I just wasn't feeling well. I still feel weird and awfully tired. My sleep is soooo messed-up that I tend to sleep 4-5 hours daily ... (O_o) Last night I slept very, very little that I already notice the withdrawal symptoms... but I wrote some poems to kill the time and it helped. At least I did something useful with my time,... he's a short blog. I have to finish writing Christmas cards to my family to send it off. They will probably get it after Christmas because the mail will take much longer as it's this time of the year.

Thanks for everyone's support! I really appreciate it from you all!

I plan to make a new season next year, I just haven't set a date but I'm sure some of you might want to do a new too? if yes please let me know! I need to focus on how I want to create my life, the way I want it to be!! :)

Will write soon!

P.s. I'm still excited to get my free copy "Poetry Pieces of Europe" per mail. It should arrive before Christmas if all goes well with the postage :) I'm excited! I'll make a video when I get it wohoo!! :)

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