Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 3, s8 ❘ Can you hear what I hear? + MY INTENTIONS

Hello everyone!!!

This is my day 3 of my season 8! Last night I was listening to some videos and later to music and I'd like to share with you how I do that when I listen to something on the computer... I have to plug in this little cable behind my speech processor then I can hear the sound in my head. I can hear background noise too e.g. when someone is talking to me and music at the same time. I can do it both, which people with a healthy ear can't do it. As when you have ear plugs you can't hear other people talking unless you have an ear plug just in ONE ear ONLY :) so I benefit in a way from the CI. It allows me to do that :))

It is a bit inconvenient at some point but it works well with me. Only when I have to move away from my computer I don't unplug the whole thing but just the other end which I plug to my computer and the whole "wire" that is still stuck to my processor I just put around my neck, so I don't always have to plug and unplug (if I have eto just move quickly away from my computer). This sometimes looks very funny especially when my parents didn't know what that was at first.

It's my day 3 and so far things are going well. Today I probably won't post a video. Don't really feel like in the mood lol so I'll post my goals here!

MY GOALS for the next 100 DAYS are the FOLLOWING:

  • To read more poetry on the net, in books, everywhere (If I don't read poetry, then I can't expect to write some..) 
  • To write another let's say 70 new poems in the next few months and keep writing on a regular basis (I set the amount much lower than last time because I feel very exhausted after writing more more than 21 months... it's getting tougher and tougher to get inspired..) ☺✍
  • To make backups of my writing regularly (BIG REMINDER or I'll be screwed up)
  • To make regular videos for the challenge (also mix it with blogs)
  • To become a known poet (and inspire, motivate & give strength to other people especially to those who also have a cochlear implant, who are struggling with their new hearing. To give them hope that things do get better. It's not always the case but if you believe then it will!)
  • To have my poems translated in Croatian (my mother language)
  • To have my book in local libraries
  • To have poetry readings and book signing
  • To develop interesting projects with Cochlear, Alexander Graham Bell Association and with Hansaton (I'm not sure in what terms but I want to leave that open)
  • To set a time to write (journal and poems) and stick to it every day
  • To keep handwritten notes (I have to say this because I have to remind myself of that)
If I come up with some more then I'll let you know! I love my new intentions, they are exciting and I believe that this year will be really interesting! I feel really good now that I wrote down my intentions, I can clearly see them happening. When the time is right it will happen. If not this season then in the next, or the one after the next and so on!

So thank you for reading! I'm ready for another wonderful season!!



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