Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update on writing

Hello friends and visitors!!

I'm finally back in shape to start blogging more. I had to take a break from writing. I was very exhausted after Nanowrimo last month. I didn't even write proper journal entries during the month of November. I did a bit but you know me, I'm an avid journaler yet I haven't managed to write much .. in the past 4 weeks. I did have the desire but I was too tired by the time I wanted to .. lol what a story. I have to use my memory and write about the significant days anything else I have to just leave out. It is important to write every day but when you have a long break in between it's hard to go back to the missing pages.

So what is happening in my life??
Did you know that my youtube friend Megan Castran has birthday Dec 8. I made a video for her. If you want to watch it, you can have a look at the video below.

I made the video early in the morning so I seemed to be a bit sleepy and tired lol.

Yes I still write poetry
Yes I still do it and it's great. I had a few a dark week when I just felt blah... but I keep writing. I don't come up with many ideas as I used to but it's still enough if I write every 3rd day :) I'm happy with that! The poems are also much happier so no more drama. I used to be inspired by my life (my poems dealing with hearing issue, deafness, sign language, my cochlear implant surgery and what it's like to be hearing different). Or I have been inspired by others and their lives & stories that I hear from people such as to things that few people like to talk about such as abuse, death ..

Anthology "Poetry Pieces of Europe" is soon out!
I'm very excited. Soon the book will come out very soon! Remember when I told you about the poetry contest a few months ago? The book will feature people from The Netherlands, Italy, Romania & France. They are really a nice group of poeple sharing different stories in their poetry.

Check out their website to stay in touch! CLICK HERE

More videos on YouTube
I plan to make more videos on YouTube. I remember that I made a lot of videos when I stayed at hospital before and after I received my cochlear implant in my left ear about 4 months ago. Why am I not making videos NOW?? I need to improve that. I just felt that now that I have done it and things improved I didn't feel that there was a need for it. However I want to make a few showing my scar and my speech processor and sharing my hearing experience with out. My hearing improved, the success came to quickly. I can listen to music again. I am glad I don't have to give that up and it is not much different to wear a processor than a hearing aid. Yes I have something sticking to my head but I have already got used to that. I'm quite surprised how positive I am right now as I have been a pure drama queen and worried for the past few months before I agreed to let them do the surgery. I just had my doubts and worries and that was quite human.

Things turned out great! By the way I'll meet with a woman who is thinking of whether or not to get an implant. She's already having a hard time to hear and wants to find out more about the benefits of an implant. She also speaks sign language and I look forward to getting together with her and exchange ideas, our experience as being hard of hearing.

I'll take a break here and write more soon!

Thanks for reading and yes yes I am back :)))

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