Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inspirational-Guide has a cold

Yes, I have a cold... it's not a bad one, I experienced worse things than this but I didn't feel well last night... I head headache and a running nose yesterday at work it was anything else than pleasant. I had lots of phone calls that day. As soon as I hung up the phone it was rining again... and it went on like this the whole day. I tried to see it positive and tried to smile as it was funny. I just hang up phone and wanted to get myself something to drink when it started ringing ... hm. There were times I was tying the data into the computer, of what the caller told me and I was busy doing this as I had a few notes from 3-4 callers and didn't want to interrup my writing when it was ringing again... I ignored the ringing and hoped that someone else would pick up the phone but no one did then I heard a comment from one of my co workers in the hallway, "Sandra, the phone" .... yes okay... wait!!! (-.-) I felt really horrible, not just because of that but because of my cold too... I couldn't wait until it was time to go home, I couldn't wait to go into my bed...

So on my way home, I was freezing. I mean it was cold but not THAT cold however I felt like I like we had ice age...I liked like I had an uncontrollable shaking. I just couldn't calm down. I guesss I had a bit of fever. . . I tried to imagine some sunshine, warm weather just to calm my body down but it was useless... when I was at home I immediately curled up under my blanket, I still had my pullover on but felt cold (O_o)? hm... it took me a few hours until I shopped shivering..
I felt a bit bad that I have to stay at home whereas there's so much to do at work and when I'll be missing, someone else has to do the job that I do, and yes I do care although it doesn't always seem like this. It's already hard now but when I won't be in the office for 3 days hm... I'm not sure what they will think but I'll think of only the best.
well then, so you know in detail about that day *lol* so the next day (today) I went to my doctor and she prescribed me something and told me to stay at least 3 days at home. So here I am writing this down. I will go earlier to bed tonight (that was good *earlier*) yes... usually I got a bit later to bed ;) will read a bit and then go to bed.

I'm fine today. My nose is red and sore, my eyes are sore too sort of, my ears and throat feel itchy but I'm okay *lol*



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