Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am back to blogging yeah - nanowrimo is over

I am back.. finally.. well sort off... I still feel very exhausted from all this writing here for 30 days.. People who have not done this madness cannot relate.. they do not know that it can be very tough and that it will cost you lost of energy. I still feel very tired, both mentally and physically. Did you notice? I am writing out each word.. LOL "every word counts" right :P

I am glad it is over although I miss this madness already a bit.. but I do not want to go back.. writing each day is very tough, especially if you miss out a few days.. you are so much behind.. :)

You can see here what my graph looked like during those 30 days. There were days where  I did not write and other days where I was soaring :)) Okay enough of this ... LOL =) Congratulations to everyone who did it. Every one is a winner, everyone who was so courageous to give it a try is a winner!

I still keep writing poetry. It is going well, they are not so depressing anymore. My life has been a bit turned up-side down by someone so I write happy poems, they are different but still you will recognize me in there ;) Remember when I told you about the Anthology "Poetry Pieces of Europe", where some of my poems will be featured in the book and also the poems from the other finalists. This is so exciting. Details will come soon but it will be available for order by the end of next week. WOHOOO =)

Thanks for reading and for still spying on my (joke) I mean for following my journey :P

I'll write more soon. I had some practice with nanowrimo so I should be back here :)

Thanks for your patience!! Miss you all!! Yes I do.


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