Thursday, September 30, 2010

Am doing much better


Today I'm doing a bit better. My sleep was much better than yesterday but my nose and my lips are all sore *lol* but otherwise I'm fine. I spent the day at home. I just didn't feel to go anywhere but I'll go out for a short walk today. Those nose drops are really gross and I get watery eyes from it and they leave stains on a tissue but that's okay, they help :)

Wow that must be really an intersting blog about my cold wow... Sandra, you're so creative... (-.-) hm. If you don't want to read it go to another page, why are you still here??! :)) I'll make another blog about poetry. I just thought to keep this separate as this has nothing to do with poetry ;) I have no new poetry. I don't feel in the shape to write some but I was hit by some inspiration only that I didn't take notes so the idea is already lost... hm. Next time!!! I'll probably go outside in the evening. I just look too horrible so I don't really fancy to bump into someone familiar today *lol* :)

Alright, my next blog will be about some poetry I came across on the net and I want to bookmark them so I'll write them here so I can always find them later. AND! Guess what I might start another season tomrorow, why? I feel it's the right time to start and I have a few fellow cocreators who will start tomorrow, so will YOU join me too?? I have lost track in which season I already am but I need to check that. So I might see you tomorrow =))

Thanks for reading!!



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