Friday, October 15, 2010

Against the rules | Two same words shouldn't rhyme together...


A little bit of procrastination, a little bit of fear and insecurity but after some time I finally sit down and continued doing it... I still have a lot to do and I still didn't come far but at least I do my part.. I'll have a lot to do in the next few days weeks. Here are some of the poems where I have used two same words in at least one paragraph, in each of those poems and it's against the rule. I am not allowed to use two same words... hm. Can I just ignore the rule? I think that would be the laziest way... ! I hope I can work this out because I'd love to have those poems in the collection, they tell the story of the struggle, the insecurity and my experience along the way.. of how I got my surgery. I don't want to leave out those poems just because I used two same words.
I hope you can read it. :) My hand-writing isn't the best when but I can write in a beautiful way too. I hope I can finish my poems this month! I really hope so. I must make a schedule and set my clock for this, so that I get glued to my chair - for at least an hour each day!! :)

Today for many reasons I felt insecure, a bit scared and I don't need to explain why, you'll figure it out! :) I watched Elizabeth Gilbert's video on TED talk about "nurturing creativity". I love her video, she's a great talker and her video was inspiring. When I feel stuck I watch this video and it usually helps me.

Oh God,... that slows down the whole writing process.... I have so many poems that I have to revise ugh *lol* that's just so depressing. I need a drink! :) I wasn't aware of that when I wrote the poems but I think that's okay, otherwise I would have got stuck. So it was good that I didn't focus on it so much. NOW it's the time to edit them. :) phew....
Okay Sandra, stop it!! Stop all this negative thinking!!! *taking a deep breath* All will work out. I'll find the answer and will fix it! Okay, now that I said it, it's time to do some work. I have started but then I started writing blog. I realized it was more fun to do that first then go back. I found another poem with two words that rhyme (-.-) *rolling my eyes* :D
Alright! It's time to continue! See you later!

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