Sunday, August 15, 2010

Poetry | Rhymes | & Books :)))

Hellouuuu! Alright it's very late already... but I want to share with you a few things ...

A friend of mine from ccor sent me this book a few days ago. Isn't that sweet of her?? :)) Inside the letter found letter from her. Awee she was so sweet! I just have to share that because it was kind. She ordered the book twice by mistake and asked who wants to have it, she'll sent it and I was the first who responded and she sent it to me. Isn't that amazing how the ccor friendship has grown so close. I mean we are a big but yet a little group of people and I've met some amazing people there. So I'd like to say thank you to Lilou, Laura and Sandy for this group!! It's more then two years since I've joined this online community yeah wow, so much has changed since then :))
and I found this one too in my inbox.. so I am reading two books at the same time, so funny *lol* but it's good! btw, I'll get two more books next weekend so I'll be busy reading! :) that's good! I need to distract my mind and just find something that will keep my mind focused. It's been 3 days since I wrote my last poem, yeah a very long time I know *lol* shhh... ;) I'm used to write every day so I felt really strange. I began to have doubts and thought okay, what if my writing "career" comes to an end?? what then? but then I started flipping though the pages of this book and read that he writes about different things, so if i do not feel inspired to write about my hearing then it's time to move on to another topic... so in the end I was inspired to write that poem that you've heard at the begining. "what more can I give" =)

This evening I was reading my brother this story in German, it's a Christmas story so not really suitable for this time of the year but he wanted me to read this one and I liked it too. I like that the story is all in rhymes from A-Z. =) At least by now you should know that I love poetry =) in English just like in German. I still wonder why I don't write German poetry, somehow I like more to write in English and I feel the English language is rich in words, you can always find a word to rhyme with what you want to say or to express. So I think I'll stick with that language for a while :)))

I hope you enjoyed reading this. It's time to go to bed... This was my compensation for not writing regularly :) will try to write more next week. There's a lot more but I think it's enough now ;) Thanks for reading!



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