Sunday, October 31, 2010

Countdown | site unavailable....

It should start in less than 1.5 hours and the site is unavailable due to maintenence ... great *lol* but it's okay. I won't come far anway. I'm too tired and will go to bed and do it tomorrow morning. Today we changed the clock, one hour backwards so it's actually almost midnigt and not almost 11 pm so that's why I'm (-.-)zzz

I have no idea what I'll write this year. It's my third year and this time I'm literally blank. I thought I had an idea but I guess I'll drop it. I tend to change ideas very often every couple of hours today so I doubt that I'll stick with the one that I originally decided to use..

I'll go to bed now. I hope I'll have a good start tomorrow and write ... :)

I need to blog more often but poetry writing is very, I won't say time-consuming but I can't do both and probably after doing nanowrimo and my regular poetry writing I'll have a burn-out by Dec 1 st lol  Yes I still keep writing poetry and it's going well. :)))

Maybe I write a novel of a wanna-be writer who writes poery wow (how creative)

*goodnight* :)

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