Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hi there! I thought I'd write about poetry but somehow I feel I have to write about this... strange *lol* hm, alright,... :)

I must say, that I haven't been journaling for a while. When I wanted to, I was too tired, this is also why I didn't write many poems. I usually come up with ideas once I've done some pre-writing (i.e. journaling). I see this as exercise and also for personal growth. If I don't write regularly I can't expect to write a poem. I need to practice every day. I need a better schedule. Maybe 10 mintues during the week would be enough and over the weekend I can have a longer writing session. I came up with a few more poems in the past two days. I'll write more about it in the blog.

I love this phrase above about journaling. I found it on a website about journaling. I like the phrase. I am an avid journaler and I think I'll definitely share it with family and a few close friends when the time is right. I already started doing it a bit and when I feel "okay now share them all" I might do it. :)
I do write for myself but it would be a shame if those stories never get shared, so I'll definitely share them one day.

That was a strange blog *lol* maybe I should write about poetry instead :)
Thanks for reading!!



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