Monday, October 26, 2009

10 Memories from the past 12 months

Here's my list of 10 memories from the last 12 months.

I hope you will enjoy them
Make your own list as a response on your blog and let me know about it!

1. September 09:

  • The month where I wrote one of my longest poems ever. YES, this just has to be mentioned because my first poems were pretty short when I first started writing them and now the more I write the better I get with them - I can expand them easily (well mostly)

2. August 09:

  • Having fun days with my brother at the swimming pool. This summer wasn't that hot but when it was warm, we went to the swimming pool and had a nice time there.

3. July 09:

  • My Meet&Greet with the singer Anastacia. That day my dream came true. I'll forever treasure this moment in my heart. :)

4. June 09:

  • Cycling almost every day to the River where I got most of my inspiration for poetry. Sometimes I would just spend hours starring into the water or into the sky other times I would burst with inspiration. It was always a hit & miss thing, you never know when inspiration might strike. In my situation it usually does when I'm on my way going somewhere. Luckily I didn't have an inspiration at the toilet that would have been the weirdest place to be creative Ha-Ha :)

5. May 09:

  • I participated in the AMREF-race, not this big one but just this other 5.5k race. It was tough I can't deny but pretty cool at the same time. I think I'll do this every year.

6. April 09:

  • The last two days before May, I started to write poetry. It just hapened for no special reason. I just felt like trying it out and this turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences I ever made.

7. March 09:

  • My grandpa passed away that month and in that moment he left us, we were all outside... It seems like he was waiting to see us all again one last time, the whole family (incl. the one living abroad) and then he would wait till he was alone...

8. February 09:

  • On Valentine's Day, I was reminded of my acute hearing loss which I got last year. That day made me a bit thoughtful but I also had some happy memories that day when I played with my brother in the snow. It was snowing a lot that week and we had over a meter of snow.

9. January 09:

  • My best friend came over for a week. I took her everywhere for some sightseeing and we drank mulled wine almost every day at the local Christmas markets which still had open at that time and had really lots of fun and took lots of pictures to remember what we did each day.

10. December 09:

  • I had a wonderful X-mas gathering at my friends house. She was so kind to invite me to come over and I had a really lovely time there.

So there, I hope you enjoyed reading my list of my 10 memories from the last twelve months. Please make a list yourself too if you want and let me know. I'd love to read it :))



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