Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some of my poems are featured in "Poetry Pieces Of Europe"

WOHOOOOO I'm or I was well I still AM EXCITED :)))

Hi everyone!!!

Here's my update, as promised. I promise more will exciting news will come soon!

Yesterday I got the book in my mail box. It was when I came home from hospital. I had a mapping and my audiologist  made a few slight changes with my settings and I had this hearing test before I went home. Outside our door, I met my father who told me that my book has arrived and I was so excited that I couldn't wait to open the packet. :) This is also when I opened it and made that video which you saw *lol* I'm sorry I was too hyper.

Here's again this video. I'll post soon an excerpt of the page where I'm featured. I wouldn't be here where I am without you all and the 100 Day Challenge!!  

I'm also working on my own book which will come out next year! :) This is fabulous to see how this year has unfolded and I wonder what next year will bring!

I think it's time to update my vision board. My friend Sanya, once sent me a book "Crafting your magical life" and there's a picture of a vision board. I think I have to work on mine or at least set new intentions for the next year :) I plan to make a new season, season 8 next year starting January 1st.

Thanks for reading! I'll write more soon! 

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