Monday, October 4, 2010

Poetry collection soon to be published


The site of the publishing company is fixed again and is working. It was shut down due to some unexpected events but it's working again. Wow I didn't expect it to so go fast. I was very down when I heard it was shut down and expected it to take longer until it would work again. :)

Here's the book title and the book of the poetry collection from the finalists! More info will come very soon. Check out the link below for more information! It will come out very soon :O

For more info CLICK HERE

Isn't that amazing?? :O In this book you'll find 14 poems from each of the finalists that participated in the contest. I look forward to reading their poems! WOW people!!!! :O That's just so amazing!!! aaahhh some of my toughts are going to be in print :O This makes me speechless because last year I if someone told me this wouldn't believe it :)

Awww, that's beautiful! I can't believe what I manifested!! I still keep writing. It's so much fun. I don't always come up with a poem but when I do it's lots of fun. I've been writing very dark poetry lately. I guess it's time for some spooky Halloween poems :P

Alright I'll end this blog here. It's quite late!
Thanks for reading!! :)



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