Sunday, June 26, 2011

My first local poetry reading in Salzburg - Austria

Hey Hey, I am back!!! Back with lots of exciting things to share! :) I'll start first by telling you that I'll have my first public poetry reading at a local bookstore here in Salzburg - Austria, July 1st :)))

Wohooo :)) I look forward to this. I 'll recite some of my poems from "Poetry Pieces of Europe" where some of my poems are featured, along with another poet Primrose Dzenga, who wrote "Destiny In My Hands". The motto of that event is "Independence and Freedom" like independence has many faces. You know that I am hearing impaired, or was, at present I have a CI and for me "to be independent" has a different meaning as for the general public. I have my own story to tell to explain this. So I will recite some of my poems about myself and my "hearing" experience.

This should be an exciting event and I'll see many of my local friends who will come that evening. And.. as those poems are all about my ear, I wrote a poem just for this occasion "Independence and Freedom" as I need an opening to my own presentation. I'll use that poem as opening so I can't write it here, it should be a surprise until that day. So I can't write anything here. I'm trying to find someone who will record me and the other poet so I can post some clips afterwards on yt and my page. Would be great.

My own debut, my own poetry book will soon get published, it's already it its final stage so details will come very soon :))

Anyhow to make it short I am really excited :D

More updates are coming... ➜ next blog will be about my vacation in Italy!

Sandra (PoetryGirl)



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