Monday, October 4, 2010

You can never have enough of backup files

Hellouuuu!!! :)

Time for another blog. I'm very tired .... (-.-) but as usually I'll go to bed around midnight or later ... (-.-) zz. I'll try to make it short for anyone who wants to read it. My updates e.g. on Fb are usually short so for those of you who want to keep in touch with me and my "crazy!" life :) you can follow me here as here I can write more and I'll try to post regularly. I need to get into this habit of blogging again.

Today I got my little portable hard drive. I ordered it a week ago and it arrived today at work or maybe it arrived last week I'm not sure.. I've been sick for a few days so I wasn't at work and didn't see it earlier. Why am I sharing this with you because this thing is soo cool and it's little and has sooo much space inside 640GB :O. This one matches perfectly with my MacBook. I only hope I can use it for this one as it says it works only with Windows, let's see. I think this doesn't matter, it's like a USB it works with Win & Mac :)) I just want to have another external hard drive to back-up all my pictures, videos & important documents. Even a hard drive can fail one day and not work anymore. I already have one which I bought a few years ago maybe 6 yrs go or so.. but a bigger one than this white here. I want to be on the safer side and have another back up of all my files and this one I can carry everywhere. It's tiny and light.

I think I'm just scared to e.g. lose my poetry my precious pictures. I have so many pictures from the past 10 years (O_o) wow.... which I still haven't developed as real pictures so I want to have them saved for when the day comes when I'll order the pictures in bulk :))

I have some good news to share but as always I want to keep this separate so I'll write more in the next one. My day started really good today.... I was caught in the bus with no ticket, ah yeah I've been stupid... I had my ticked with me just forgo to put it into that machine "click" damn it.... then I saw them and overlooked the date when I'll need a new ticket... a shit... and I had to pay some 60€ in cash and because of that I was running late ... and arrive about half an hour later at work (-.-) &%$%& (O_o)! I told my manager that I'll come a bit later and told him why, since I have this new phone I can write emails and sent him a mail. I appologized for running late and that I really feel sorry for that. I didn't wish this week to turn out so different and that was anything else than a good start. He wrote back saying "well there's nothing we can do....." sounded like you can't do anything... shit happens.. :)

Otherwise my day was okay, I was too busy doing the paper work upstairs, helping my colleague wtih sorting out papers making it ready for the next step, putting into files etc.. for the accounting procedure. The phone was ringing as usually. I tried to make a good impression and just tried it with every call. It works, it does, though I still missunderstand a lot but thanks to the online address book I can look up the number and most of the time I'm lucky and the number is listed online so I can check who called.

Thanks for reading!! :)



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