Saturday, September 18, 2010

Books about writing!

Hello my dear readers!!

I thought to write about something else today so I can distract myself from the decision that I have to make ... Yep, I was drinking today but this was a cherry liquor which tastes sooo good :) Here are some of the books that I don't want to miss. Some I bought a few years ago, others I got from friends. I put them here so I can always look up something if I need!
I'm not really sure what to write about today... but I felt like writing. I'm still writing poetry yes I do but it's tough at the moment. I only manage to write it at my own expense, in terms of I don't know, my current situation. I'll share one or two with you! Let me know what you think about. Today I was a real couch potato, I didn't feel like going out but I did in the afternoon.
However I know what I'm going to do even if some of you don't agree with this. I feel quite good with the choice. I only hope that others will see that too! I guess that's the blog. Short! *lol* sorry will try to write more in the upcoming days or tomorrow, you never know! :)



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