Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I set out the intention

I just have to share this with you :)

I had this document for a few weeks but didn't bother to have a look what it was.. until today.. I kept this document for almost a month. Today I wanted to know what it was so I don't always have to click "to see it later" you know this other button ... this is what I saw. Those were my notes that I took 25th of Sept. :) about how I'd love to write a poem about Greame and just two days later I wrote one wow!!! how did that happen, that is why this made me smile. I set out the intention. So I guess I just need to write about what I'd like to write and eventually it will happen :) okay, now I really need to go to bed. I thought of writing another blog but I'm not sure about it anymore.. g'night!!



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