Friday, October 15, 2010

Spending some time with my brother | Collecting stamps

Hi there!!

I look forward to spend some time with my brother today and this week week. We haven't spent much together lately and I really miss that. He's 6 and started collecting stamps. He loves that. My dad did the same when he was a child and has a few books full of stamps. This is what made my brother be interested in that hobby. One day I told him that I have a stamp with a bird for him but I left it at work. He reminded me of that, the other day. He has a good memory and I told him that I'll give it to hime the next time.

Some of the letters that the company gets have those stamps on it and before I threw the empty envelopes into the bin, I took the stamps. I haven't asked anyone but since the envelopes goes into the trash and the content inside goes to the staff working there, I don't think anyone would mind. If they do then I'll appologize. See how much I care that I did this? I think he'll love it :)

He knows how to remove the envelop that is stuck to the stamp, just put the stamps in a glass of water and let it soak up the water & and you'll be able to get rid of it =)

This is my father's collections. I think he has more than this :) Isn't that cool? From every country he has a few stamps. I think that's why my brother loves it so much!

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