Sunday, October 10, 2010

Password List

Hi there!!

Yeah another blog ... :) yeah I just feel like sharing with you enjoy this while I'm in a good mood! :P

I created a simple list where I can keep track of all the sites where I have an account. I included for you only the link (as a demostration) you have to fill out the username and password of course ;) I like the idea, it's simple and you can keep track of all the sites. I can't believe how many accounts I actually have wow ... (O_o) too many *lol* the good thing is now I don't have to worry to forget the pw :)

Btw, I can't believe that I spelled "password" wrong (-.-) I didn't even notice it until now *lol* but the good thing it takes only seconds to go to "search" and "replace" it by another word. Please feel free to use it. This can be quite useful!
I urge you to make a similar one! You'd be glad you did it, trust me :) I have a few more things to share, sth regarding poetry readings and stuff. More will come hopefully tonight. I already feel very tired... we'll see!

Thanks for keeping in touch with me!



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