Monday, August 9, 2010

Poetry contest | result: 3rd place =)))

yeah!! I'm so fuckin tired... :) but I wanted to let you know that I got to know the results form the contest!! If I don't write today, I doubt I'll do it tomorrow. I'll keep it short. Today I heard on fb that I am one of the 7 runner-ups :)) not bad!! I'm so proud of what I have achieved!! See why I didn't tell thís anyone when I first started writing poetry? I wanted to do it in secret, writing is a private act, after all! it's not something that you can share with everyone! However if I hadn't done that challenge season 3 I think or 4 I am not sure, I lost track :) I wouln't be here. You all have helped me to get there by giving me encouragement. I started to do it as a hobby first and I liked it a lot. Somehow all this fell into place!! :O I always knew that I wanted to write a book but I didn't know that this would be a "poetry book" :))
I'll try not to get too excited and spoiled I must work hard and keep that pace and keep going. I'm not done yet. I still got to write a lot :) I just don't feel ispired to write today and I feel I already wrote too much about my hearing issue that it must be really boring to always read poems that always rhyme with the same words "sound", "around", "deaf-profound" wow can I be a bit more creative? hm, maybe it's time to choose another topic but I must write a few more positive poems about that, as the past few that I wrote were not so happy .... (-.-) I don't want those poems to be the last... :) Let's see what the next few days will bring!
so that was my "short" blog post for day. Must go to bed very soon. It's already midnight (-.-) and I didn't even write another poem.. *lol* I know, a break is good too, I don't need to exaggerate it but even if the poem isn't always happy it makes me happy when I can write it all down. ok i must go now, .... until tomorrow =)
Thanks for reading!
pls excuse me if you spotted some typos here or in my past few posts, I'm very tired right now but I'll check it over the weekend :)



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