Thursday, June 10, 2010

My muse is hiding

Hi there! Finally another blog... yeah!! I wanted to write but I always got distracted by other things... it was easier when I had not internet access a few weeks ago *lol*. I fell asleep a few hours ago without the intention and now I'm so FULLY AWAKE that I tought to write a bit in the hope that I'll get tired... :) I haven't written any poetry since I don't know?? I tired to write some here and there and then I had troubles with my USB and I lost some of my poems. Luckily I got them back except one "about this one song I've been listening to" which inspired me. Never mind... it's sad though and it makes me angry that I can't remember the words anymore of my poem agrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! When things like that happen you are smarter. I still need to backup my files and print them out (-.-).
Anyway, I just don't feel like writing at all... I don't have inspiration ... I know it will come back I just need a break. Apart from that... I'll try to make it short, it's late and I'm trying to fall asleep but it's not really working... so anyway, i still have problems with the phone but my colleagues they tell me that it will be better after the surgery but what if it doesn't? oh yeah those "what-if questions" ;) but what if I don't get the result I wanted?? It's hard ... I mean most of the time I figure out who called by looking up the number in the online telephone book wow thanks for the internet otherwise I'd be screwed up .... (-.-) Today, I mean yesterday I had a woman on the phone and I couldn't hear her name and I asked three times and then she was like "is this the company xy?" why does she think it's not only because I didn't hear her...? SIGH it's really frustrating.... and now that we have real summer weather (finally) it's also very hot in the office and we do have an air conditioner or this thing that's blowing cold air but it doesn't feel like it's helping and because of this machine it is loud for me when I have to do phone calls. They said they can switch it off if I want that and I said oh no it's okay.
I hope I'll finish this blog soon but I'll post it for now so you don't have to wait for so long to read sth. new from me ;)



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