Sunday, June 6, 2010

And the good weather goes on

First of all. You have noticed that I put on most of my pictures a kind of watermark and you maybe ask yourself why? Hm, well. If you e.g. came across my site by accident and like some of my posts / pictures and show it to friends you can immediately see where the pictures comes from. Does it make sense? Sometimes pictures are reposted so this you can tell where it comes from. Does it make sense? You know what I mean. So anyway,...
I had a fabulous day today!!! It's sunny again yeah!!! I had to retrieve some of my poems because my "USB" didn't want to work all of a sudden and it scared the hell out of me but luckily I did get back most of my poems only one is lost forever. I cannot recall how it goes.... darn it but everything else is back so phew.... I must be smart and print out my poems as soon as I have them. A few weeks ago I couldn't even do that because nothing worked, neither my laptop nor my printer. Phew what a story anyhow I had a fantastic day today. Unfortunately tomorrow it will rain.
Anyway, thanks for reading! Maybe you'll hear from me again tonight ;)



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