Sunday, March 21, 2010

I did it!!!

I'm sorry my dear readers that I wasn't much active here in the past few days. The poetry writing was so time-consuming but I wanted to get this done before the end of this month.

I'm finally done with all the poems!!!! Oh my God!! I'm so happy!!! Aaaa!!! Phew.. what a week. I wonder why I was so productive, was it because of this poetry contest or just because after almost a year of poetry writing I have already developed a routine and this creativity which I have right just starts to flow. I don't have much to do much, it's like magic. I have this content feeling that I will come up with a poem every day and it really happens. I have this confidence that every day I will come up with at least one poem. It all falls into place. Wow, this was a really creative month. I've never written so much in three weeks and I still have one more week to go before I should start to do the finals and submit the poems for the contest.

I didn't have much to do with the writing. All of a sudden it was there! I cannot explain it to you but it really feels like magic and it feels good! No it's not like magic, I'm finally ONE with my inner self! Of course, there were times when I would just stare and then after some time I'd start to write. Sometimes I'd write only a few lines and move on to the next when I see that the current one doesn't lead me anywhere. Then the next day I'd use the one from yesterday and finish it. I am really happy when I can be this productive and do something that I like to do. Here's one of my short poems, that fits in here perfectly:

How do I write all this
I have no idea.
Every day I keep writing
and still have this fear.
Every day I go on
and write another line.
The poem takes shape
and turns out to be fine!!

This feels GOOD!!!! :) I think, next month I'll write less than what I did this month and just take it easy, if inspiration flows I'll go with the flow if not that's fine!! I won't beat myself up as I know that I can do it!! If not today, well then there's another day waiting to give it a try.

Courage means to try it tomorrow!!

I'll be posting regularly. I just had to do that and now I can devote my time to you and keep you updated on all the other things with hearing etc.

Here's a poem that I really do like! check it out! I found it on the internet. See above:

Thanks for reading! Have a nice rest-weekend!



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