Monday, August 2, 2010

Picked up my CI suitcase

This morning I went to hospital to pick up that suitcase that I still had there. I had an appointment on Friday and we did a mapping and adjusted a few things. I got a gift, a koala bear with a toy CI, which I gave to my brother so he can play with that. I'll post some more pictures later. I was surprised when my audiologist said that this suitcase was for me too. I was like "what this too? I thought I already got everything that I need, .." obviously not. :))

It was quite heavy.. :P. I wonder what's all in side. I had a quick peak inside last week when I went to hospital. Can't wait to open it :))

I must study the flyers to see whether everything that I need is inside :))

Will write soon! Thanks for reading :)



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