Friday, August 6, 2010

I hear quite good | already


Time for another blog post. I'm doing well. Just came back from hospital. I had another mapping session and we checked my hearing. All is going well. I hear good. My audiologist is happy that all goes well and I have great results. I hear better than with my hearing aids? How cool is that? He says I'm make a very good progress and he is happy that all turned out so well. Bear in mind that I had two surgeries just a few weeks ago. I'm glad about that too. It's amazing, all of a sudden I hear from inside my head not through my ears directly, I cannot describe this feeling but it's amazing and how fast it works :O wow it made me speechless.

While I was writing this blog my batteries went empty again, again??? I changed them on Tuesday and they are again empty, after three days?? (-.-) wow.... I must get used to that. I bought two packets with 6 batteries in each of the packet and I fear that I might not have enough but I did a calculation so I'll be fine this month still.. what if I hear a lot to music the batteries will soon be empty oh great.... So I decided that this weekend I'll be "in silence" I will change my batteries on Monday morning. So that will give me two extra days *lol* that's saving eh? I'm crazy I know but I don't mind that. It's fine with me. Sometimes silence can be good too!! BUT ... in the end I put them back why? becaus I had the choice.. I went outside and wanted to hear so I ended up changing the batteries.. Anyway, I'll still be in silence a few hours, when I am e.g. reading a book I don't need to hear, it's even better for the concentration or e.g. when I vacuum I don't need to hear either, why wasting the batteries on this noise?? =)
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