Saturday, July 24, 2010

Had my second CI surgery

Hi friends! I'm back... back to blogging wohoooo :))) Here are some of my pictures that I took while I was at hospital. yeah yeah, I took many pictures and wrote a lot into my journal that's awesome. It helped me to keep my sanity. I had to undergo a second surgery because the electrode did not lay there properly in my cochlear which an x-ray and a hearing test has showed. The second surgery which took place on Wed, 21st was a bit painful. The first one wasn't so much but I'm glad that it's over. Yesterday they let me go home. I am doing okay, still feel very tired and have a bit of pain here and there but I have pills to take so I'm fine now. I was writing a lot while I was at hospital and took many pictures.

okay I'll keep this short sorry... but I'll update this blog regularly at least for now when I'm on sick leave I do have the time do so some writing.



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