Thursday, May 13, 2010

My inspiration box

Hi there!!! I was really tired in the past few days and not really myself in my head. It took me long to "wake up" mentally and now I have recovered a bit from this tiredness *lol* I wanted to post this earlier but things have turned out different.
I felt a bit blocked in the past few days although I try to write every day and I do come up sometimes with a poem, not always but at least I try. So today I wanted to share with you my inspiration box. I as a writer, keep a lot of notes and have them almost everywhere and my desk tends to get a bit messy from time to time and I don't like to throw away paper, especially my notes that I made with lines here and there as I always think that I might need them so I thought about making a little box where I can keep those notes, just in case I feel not inspired to write I can look into that box and dig in all the little note that I have.
For those of you who have troubles finding things I urge you to get yourself a little shoebox and put all the important sheets and things you want to keep and know where they are in that box and put it on the top shelf. This way you will never misplace things and will know where they are when you need them. What do you think about this idea? Just put everything in a box and put it on the top of your self, or cupboard!
Tanks for reading. I'll try to write more soon but I always get distracted by other things :)



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