Thursday, May 13, 2010

I need some inspiration | Where is it?

Well, that pretty much explains my current situation *lol* I feel stuck... I think it's because I feel tired and so I'm not in the best mood to write. I feel so exhausted. Okay I'm procrastinating... I do have time but don't know what to write. I lack inspiration.
Update so far, hm.... I hardly have the time to do much writing. I barely manage to write poetry in the morning, in the bus or after work but even then it's though.... otherwise things are going okay.. I'll show persistence and keep doing what I do for some time till I can develop my hobby further and make it more than just a hobby! ;) It will take some time and I need to have patience. I wish it could go faster but I must be patient.
I can hear this ringing agian in my ear and I am tired and I have slight headache... somehow I want to take an aspirin, just because it feels so convenient, in the hope I'll feel much better afterwards... I think it's the weather....
I am tired
and can't get inspired,
to write
or to get an insight...
I don't know what else to write. I'll stop here and maybe continue later on this blog, not sure. I don't feel like writing much.
Thanks for reading!



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