Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Friday

SORRY FOR THE TYPOS... darn it I must spell-check before I post this ;)
Hi my dear readers!!
Happy Friday!!

I've been absent for a while as things have been a bit crazy in the past few days and I wasn't feeling well either but now I feel a bit better still not 100% but much better than what I felt. I guess it's because the weekend just started so I just have to feel good *lol*

I don't know what to say. At least now I can write again.... It's been crazy... I cannot explain but I had a hard time to sleep in the past few days and had horrible nightmares that I couldn't rest. I still have some 47 days until my surgery and I am already worried and driving myself crazy, no I'm not but I just cannot switch off my mind, something inside is worrying me and I guess my bad day with the phone calls at work doesn't make things easier either... so I'm even more worried that sometimes I just wish to totally lose my hearing for once and all. I guess I'm crazy for saying this.... I'm sorry I just am not feeling so well when I do those phone calls. Sometimes it works then there are times when it doesn't and most of the time I feel pissed. It's hard to explain to others how I hear and why I obviously hear different as others and why I always understand things wrong..... I will stop here, I feel so tired *lol* and sorry that I have no picture at the moment... lol wait I do have one. check this out. I love my new mac :) and I love the feature that it has "this dictionary" :)

Thanks for reading!!!



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