Sunday, May 23, 2010

3 fountain pens for poetry writing

Yes, I really need three *lol*. My computer is on the blink. It actually does work only that I have no access to the internet which sucks... *gosh* I'm so dependent on it omg *lol* but I really just need to check emails daily even if I do not always get some *lol* :) So that's why I've been a bit absent here. Never mind.

Remember the tiny one I had? Yes a little one a Sony Vaio, it was a good one, had a small keyboard but I was able to write on it, only that this one doesn't work properly so I could throw it away, it's totally useless but it helped me and served me for my writing but I got myself a new one, an Apple :) I can't wait to get it next week.

At least today I could prove that I can even write poems without the computer and without the internet. I do not always need to look up rhyming words. Most of the time they are in my head which is good :)
So anyway, I rewrote some of my poems into my other note book (notepad-thing), I like to have at least one version of the poems handwritten, just in case something goes wrong wtih my computer and everything else. I just like to be on the safer side :) and it's nice to read them all handwritten :) My hand writing isn't that bad as I thought :) So yesterday I bought myself some more note books as the one that I use is almost full and I need a new one. I have a little note book which I carry with me almost everywhere. I never go out without pen and paper :) and then I saw this nice green fountain pen that I had to take it *lol* yes I need it :)

So anyway, my day was okay. It could have been better but okay. Anyway, that was my update. I am not sure when I'll write. I can only do that at home and then just put all on the USB and just post it later hm.. not sure :)

I'll see. Thanks for reading :)



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