Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm at 18,000 words

Hello my dear readers,
Finally another blog update… I don't know where to begin. I kept myself busy with writing a lot. I am really determined to keep this "project" going for at least 30 days like a little Nanowrimo only that I'm doing this now and now in November. I feel driven to take notes of me and the things, anything that is related to hearing, my experience. I wonder if I already have this experience but I feel like doing it so I'll do that. As long as I keep writing anything it is good, it keeps me going. I still write here and there a few poems but not that much as I did last month were I wrote 3-4 poems daily. Yes, can you believe? I am still amazed that this was possible. Somehow I like it when I have a deadline or something that pushes me to go to the limit, this is very good for the creativity. I've been thinking again about the surgery which I still don’t know when I'll have it or if I'll have it at all since I do hear again with my hearing aid. I have to wait a bit more than a week before I will speak with my surgeon and then I will hopefully know when I could possibly have that surgery, until then I will use every free minute to write. I feel really blessed that I can do that right now. I am not sure how things will look next week whether I'll have to go back to work. I am sure many things will change after my surgery, I don't know how but I know it will all be good.

I was in a dark mood last week why? Oh well let's say I just wasn't feeling so well. I won't go much into detail here since some of my Austrian friends are reading this blog too, that's the bad thing of letting them know, you can't write privately anymore :P just joking it's fine, eventually they have to find it out. There are other friends whom I will tell because I will share here my "ci journey" here and I will use youtube and post videos from time to time so I will slowly let them know. There are some whom I want to know and read this here. It's good to keep the in touch this way rather than sending emails. You just copy and paste this link and ta-da they can read and hear what's going on.

At present I feel quite okay. I'm outside enjoying the warm weather and I wrote almost 2,600 words today. I'm on a good track :) I think I'm at 18,000 today which is where I need to be. I'm sure that most of my writing is not interesting to my reader but I need every word so I will leave it there and later some time I can go back and edit all this here. (I mean the story, I'm currently working on) ;)

In the past few days I read so many great blogs about other people and their journey or their experience with their implant. I love it. I have bookmarked a few sites so I can check them out again and hear their stories. Each of them is unique. Most of them are quite positive, only from time to time I read that some of them had a negative experience, not with the implant itself but rather with the nurses at hospital who were not so hostile but all was relatively positive.

There's one question I have. Can a defibrillator kill you or your implant rather than helping you? I know this is a horrible thought but can that be possible? Huh, what a thought. I'll use this as my writing prompt for my writing.

Have a nice day.
I'll write to you very soon! :)

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Blogger Kim said...

Congratulations on getting a CI!! That's wonderful news!

Advanced Bionics CI user since 1994

April 7, 2010 at 2:55 PM  
Blogger inspirationalguide said...

Thank you Kim!!!! :))

April 8, 2010 at 9:53 AM  

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