Sunday, March 28, 2010

Writing a bit

Yesterday I went back to my novel that I started a few weeks ago just for my own pleasure. I had to put it on a break because I was busy with writing poems and yesterday I felt like going back to it. I haven't been able to write a poem since Friday and started reading this book here:

"Rebuilt by Michael Chorost"
You can order the book here .
The owner of "The English Center" is a good friend of mine and her book & coffee shop is based in Austria BUT they can deliver the book to your home address in the US, just make sure you mention it or if you have any enquries just drop them a mail ;) They have a Facebook fanpage too. If you want you can check it out. Click here! I love this place and here I love to go to practice my English and browse for some good books.

Anyway, so I was reading this book although I'm already reading Lilou's book. First I started flipping through the pages and got hooked by the book. Is it okay to read two books at the same time? I know I'm crazy ... :) I love his style of writing and I got to this page where he writes about his hearing loss and his tinnitus and all of a sudden I felt like I have to go back to my own story and write a bit. I know there's time with that. This is just for myself at first then later I'll see what I'll do that story but I want to write it down while my memory is still fresh. So I switched on my laptop and opened that file and wrote a page. One page is enough. I started from the point when I noticed changes with my hearing, when my voice sounded so strange and how it all started. I still have to go on but yesterday I felt so motivated that I gave it a try and it was good. I will work on it when I'm in the flow and will keep track of you journey. Each journey is different. Although I already wrote poems about my hearing loss I feel like writing a "story" about it too. Why not? I'd love that!

I'll write to you soon! Thanks for reading!



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