Friday, March 26, 2010

Editing my poems

On Wednesday, I went out to the River to enjoy the weather since I can't do anything else. I'm still on sick leave and should I just stay at home? Why? I mean can I not enjoy the weather despite being sick? Or should I feel guilty that I can do that? So why not? So or so I'm not hearing 100% and can't do anything else so ...
So I went out to edit my poems and prepare them for the submission. I was really excited about it. I love all of my poems. Each single poem tells a different story and believe me, even I needed a break at some point from the poems. I mean I was half through the poems but needed some time off *lol*, I couldn't read them all at once. Nontheless, it was fun and I enjoyed the whole day outside. I was even able to write another poem after this little edit. It took me a couple of days, including some procrastination, to finish the editing and to finally send off the the poems.
I was really excited to send them off today. omg, I was quite nervous *lol* It took me an hour or so before I clicked on the "send" button. I was scared and then I did it!!!!!!!!! aaaahh!! What a feeelinnggg! Awesome!!! Now I can kill the time by reading books yay and just wait.
I still want to go on with poetry and see if I can write something I will but I do not feel so compelled to write about those hearing issues anymore. I feel like I said everything in my poems and there's nothing that needs to be said, at least not now. I feel like a sponge whose water is squeezed out :) However, I will come back to this topic some time later!! I'm sure I'll have many more experiences with the hearing when I get this implant and I'm sure I'll be able to use those challenges and write some poems about it. But for now I'll take a break ;)
I'll write to you very soon!! thanks for reading!



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